Thursday, March 21, 2013

Select the Research Topic and Area Very Carefully

The Students on the edge to start Dissertation / Thesis Work of M.Tech. / M.Phil. / M.E. / Ph.D. or any other Research Degree generally face the problems and confusion regarding selection of the research area and topic.

Initially, they are not clear about the area on which they should start the work. This stage is very sensitive when the student is required to propose a research topic to the guide as well as the university.

Many students select the research topic depending upon the availability of the research guide without thinking about their own interest and expertise. 

In this phase, without thinking very deeply on hundreds of areas, the student should explore the own strengths and interests.

There are some subjects and topics in which the student generally scores very good marks and read that subject again and again because this subject seems interesting. Such subjects should be fetched by the student to select the research area.

If a student choose the research area based on the interests, obviously this interest or passion will help to explore and complete the thesis work.

Students should not go for very difficult and high profile topics just to impress the research panel and guide.

The research scholars should select the most interesting subject for finding the research topic. It will definitely help the student to start and complete the task with interest, passion and hobby

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