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Graceful Departure from the Workplace with an Exit Interview

Once an offer letter with high pay and perks is accepted from a new organization, the next step is to submit notice to the current organization. Many times, people join an organization with expectations for growth, but due to many reasons, have to float their resume in search of new organization to start a new life at new place. There may be many reasons of shifting from the current job including lack of expertise and experience in the domain, hopeless behavior of superiors. Once the patience of employee falls down in the current environment, the person starts thinking to move to new organization. But the person should not burn the bridge by spoiling the relation with that organization because you may converge again to some point.

This phase of giving notice letter or resignation to an organization is considered as the most sensitive phase or ceremony which can stun any organization especially when that employee was favorite in the sight of top hierarchy and was working in excellent way. The employee becomes history very soon once the resignation is accepted. Even the colleagues who arrange a farewell party barely remember the name of outgoing colleague a week later.

Now, it should be noted that the entire process or ceremony of leaving the job should be professional, graceful and friendly without any dispute. The person offering the resignation or notice letters should consider some points before finally moving out from main gate of the company.

One should make an appointment with the boss and deliver the resignation letter in humble, respectful, courteous and professional manner. Some of the reasons of leaving can be told verbally because face-to-face communication is considered as more effective and pleasant.

A Brief Letter of Notice/Resignation should have only following points
  • That the person is leaving the current organization
  • The last date in the organization
  • Few appreciating words about the colleagues as well as opportunities found in the company
 The Letter of Notice should not include the following information
  •     Address of the new Employer
  •     The designation in the new Organization
  •     Excitement of joining the new organization
  •     Salary offered by the new Employer
  •     Any bad feeling or happiness on leaving the Job

A true professional should change the job gracefully keeping the head up while crossing any street. Here are some guidelines which should be followed at the time of resignation –

Official Intimation - The employee should not send the resignation through E-mail, Letter, Fax or Phone as coward person. The notice period or resignation should be intimated personally to the concerned manager so that the impression of employee remains good. In many cases, employee leave the organization without official intimation.

Avoid Counter-Offer - One should be very clear about the decision of leaving the job unless aiming for a counter-offer. Once the employee has decided to resign, the loyalty of that employee becomes suspicious and the employee should not look for increments or sudden hike in salary. The employer can make a counter-offer only to retain employee, until they get a cheaper or better replacement. Moreover, the employees who accept such counter-offer do not stay very long in the organization.

Give Proper Notice - The employee should give proper notice before leaving the job. Many organizations mark the name of employee in the absconders’ list who leaves the job without proper notice.

Avoid Discussions with Employees - Avoid discussing with your colleagues that you will be giving notice after few days. Inform to the concerned authority only regarding your resignation or notice period.

Thank All before Leaving - The outgoing person should thank the boss as well as coworkers, even if the employee hate them all and can’t tolerate to see even their faces.

An Exit interview is conducted just before the employee says Bye-Bye to the organization. An exit interview can be conducted by the company at any time from the moment an employee hand-over the resignation letter. From employer’s side, it is important to identify the reasons of departure of their outgoing member. It can provide invaluable feedback to employer about the Working Environment, Human Resource Policies, The Terms and Conditions as well as the expectations of workers. Exit interview is conducted face-to-face so that actual feeling or grievance of the outgoing person can be recorded. However, in some cases feedback may be received from a shy person by offering a questionnaire but face-to-face communication is considered as the best.

Here, the leaving employee should answer in calm and cool manner with very honesty without saying anything wrong about Internal Politics, Bad Attitude of Boss and other common attributes. One should remember that what is told in the exit interview is noted by the company. It helps the managers to change some of the internal components to keep their employees happy for long time.

Everything is fine but most of the employees say that exit interviews are useless because it is too late to benefit the worker. In many cases, companies do not care about any grievances and expectations of the employees.

Here are some points which should be considered and prepared well while appearing in the Exit Interview -
  • One should face the exit interview in humble and polite manner without leaving any impression wrong about the personality.
  • The outgoing employee should not sign official papers in hurry just to get relieved soon from the organization. It may create problems in future.
  • The leaving person should return all the company property to the authorized person with proper receiving. It may include office documents, drawer keys or laptop.
  • The outgoing employee should not comment on Internal Politics, Sex Discrimination, Flattery of Colleagues and Bad behavior of Boss.
  • Be sure that the relation with the organization stay amenable so that in future they may call you as an expert or resource person.

It is discovered from various surveys and analysis that today’s employee is moving in between various jobs very frequently due to hurry in earning lots of money in short time span. It is not bad to earn lot of money but a true professional should take care of number of factors before joining the another organization. The problem of work overload, boss or internal politics may appear in other organization. So, these reasons should not be the base of leaving the current job.

The job aspirants should take care of major concerns including career growth, designation, salary or allied benefits while switching the job rather than small problems.

Following is the list of common factors which should be analyzed before joining the new workplace -
  •     Location of Office and feasibility (transport facility) to move there
  •     Designation and Responsibilities
  •     Salary and Perks
  •     Appraisal Schemes and Promotion Prospects
  •     Environment of Learning
  •     Working Hours
  •     Production & Sales targets
  •     Work Environment

Generally, it is not just the performance or workplace culture which urges them to shift from the job. Many people make moves for different reasons such as escaping from a long journey/up-down, time with family, or even not feeling secured in the area where the office is located. After all, everybody moves out of home for earning to make the future of family secured. The matter is not concerned with the reason of shifting the job, but to change the job in the graceful and professional way so that your name is recalled in that organization with respect and sincere person.

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