Thursday, March 21, 2013

Writing Review / Survey Paper

Writing a Review or Survey Paper is the first step in the start of the Dissertation / Thesis Work during the Research Degree. In general, the students are not aware about how to write a review paper on their subject / research topic.

In a Review Paper, the student is expected to specify the overview of the proposed research topic.

The review or survey paper consists of the following points
  • Abstract (Around 250 Words) : A brief abstract / summary is written in a way such that the overall paper can be judged and understood by reading it. Abstract should be written in one paragraph only. Moreover, any kind of citation or reference is not mentioned in the Abstract
  • Abstract : A list of 5-6 Keywords, Alphabetically Ordered is mentioned here. All keywords should be comma separated
  • Introduction : A General Introduction of the subject / topic is given in this phase. It do not contain any research work. It can be considered as the simple notes of the topic. The diagrams, tables, graphs can be included to defend the subject / topic.
  • Literature Survey : Extracts of 3-4 Research Papers are mentioned in the literature survey with appropriate citation
  • Conclusion
  • Scope of Future Work
  • References


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