Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Never Use Content Spinning Software or Rewriting Software to Remove Plagiarism from Paper or Report

It is generally seen that the research scholars and the academicians use different software for removing the plagiarism.

Such software perform the operations and change the language using following techniques to remove the plagiarism
  • Content Spinning
  • Content Re-Writing
  • Content Para-Phrasing
These techniques must be avoided by the academicians, authors, researchers because such software only change the language by using the Synonyms and Similar Words in the sentences. These software damage and change the overall meaning and theme of the text which is very dangerous and not acceptable in the research manuscripts.

The authors, researchers and students are advised to change the language or sentence by manual rewriting rather than any other software.

For Example:

The sentence

"Cloud Computing is one of the key areas of research in the domain of high performance computing"

can be changed manually to

"In high performance computing, the cloud applications is one of the prominent areas of research"