Tuesday, January 7, 2020

AquaSim: An Effectual Simulation Platform for Underwater Acoustic Networks

The domain of wireless networks and cloud based integration is quite huge. A number of tools and frameworks are available for implementation of wireless scenarios including the following:
  • ns2
  • ns3
  • QualNet

In wireless networks, there is a specialized domain of Underwater Networks in which the underwater or acoustic environment is analyzed with the advanced and performance aware algorithms.

AquaSim is the Free and Open Source Platform that is used by the researchers and practitioners to work on the underwater environment so that the corporate, social as well as the related dynamic applications can be programmed and real time outcomes can be achieved

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Grafana: Open Source Platform for Data Visualization and Ad-Hoc Query Processing

The data scientists and researchers working on big data based projects generally need Visualization and Plotting Libraries. A number of tools and technologies are available which are used. These libraries integrate Data Mining Tools, Data Analyst Frameworks and many others.

Grafana is the tool that is having features for plotting and visualization of data in multiple database engines. It is used as observability as well as the monitoring platform for the datasets in different formats.

Grafana is available on https://grafana.com and can be downloaded for different operating systems.

In addition to the desktop version, it is available on Cloud with free account

The login to cloud version of Grafana can be done using existing Google Account and directly the features of data analytics can be done

The additional plugins and modules are available with Grafana which can be attached and installed for multiple applications and domains of research