Thursday, April 9, 2020

Work From Home (WFH) in Software Testing and Software Quality Assurance

With the impact of CoronaVirus (COVID-19), there is lockdown at many locations. Software Testing is one of the key domains where the Work From Home (WFH) can be done. In this segment, the software applications including mobile apps are tested and the remote professionals are paid very good by the companies.

Following are the portals from where the work can be taken and payments are received in Dollars

1. UserTesting

2. Respondent

3. Userbrain

4. TestingTime

5. TryMyUI

6. Userfeel

7. Userlytics

8. IntelliZoom

9. Validately

10. uTest

11. Loop11

12. Enroll

13. Test IO

14. Intuit User Research

15. Checkealos

16. PingPong

17. Ferpection

18. UserCrowd

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