Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Tips To Write Quick Literature Review

The literature review can be written quickly using some tips. Using these, the research paper is read very quickly and in parallel the text is written so that it can be placed in the Literature Review.

Following are the tips to write the literature review:
  • Focus on the terms in Abstract like "In this work", "In this paper", "Challenges". These terms give the clear idea about the theme of paper
  • The keywords are prepared from the Title and Abstract. The sentences from the keywords can be written very easily
    • For Example: If the keywords are "machine learning, classification, random forest approach".
    • A sentence can be created like "In this manuscript, the problem formulation is done with the focus on random forest based approach for classification that is the key domain of machine learning"
  • Write the headings of the paper separately and then the sentence formation is done
By these tips and tricks, the literature review can be prepared very easily and rapidly

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