Thursday, October 31, 2019

Download E-Books Free on Engineering and Other Subjects

There are many web portals which provide the E-Books in free distribution for the students and research scholars.

Following are the web links from where the E-Books of different subjects can be downloaded

Tips to Write Literature Review Quickly

Literature Review can be prepared from research papers without reading the complete paper from beginning to end. The extracts and main key points of the research paper including its keywords can be used to write the statements for the literature review.

Sample Literature Review of a Paper without reading complete paper from beginning to end
Wu et al. (2019) 
The work in this paper is focusing on fatty liver disease prediction using classification model in machine learning with specific implementations of Random Forest Approach. The methods in this paper include the screening of datasets from New Taipei City Hospital with the sample size of 577. The methods in this paper included the segments of Study Population, Clinical Data and Outcomes, Data Preprocessing, Variable Selection, Model Building and many others. The limitations or research gaps in the research manuscript is focusing on the single dataset from one medical centers. It can be elevated to multiple datasets from multiple locations or regions. The data set is small and it can be escalated.

Wu, C.C., Yeh, W.C., Hsu, W.D., Islam, M.M., Nguyen, P.A.A., Poly, T.N., Wang, Y.C., Yang, H.C. and Li, Y.C.J., 2019. Prediction of fatty liver disease using machine learning algorithms. Computer methods and programs in biomedicine, 170, pp.23-29.

Secure your Webcams and CCTVs

In current scenario, it is very common trend to install the Webcams or CCTVs in Homes or Offices for the security and overall privacy. By simply installation of CCTV or Webcams, the security and privacy cannot be integrated.

These Webcams and CCTVs are indexed on the Internet of Things (IoT) based Search Engines which can be viewed by anybody on Internet. Shodan is one of the prominent IoT Search Engine.

We should be aware that if the passwords are not implemented in secured mechanism, the CCTVs and Webcams can be accessed by anybody. In this way, it will not be security rather it will be the invitation to the criminals.

Tips to Write Abstract in the Research Paper for Conferences and Journals

In a Research Paper, there are so many different components. Out of many modules of a research paper, the Abstract is very important point. It should be written very carefully. The Abstract should include the Data Analysis and Extracts of the Research Reports as shown in the Figure

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Effective Abstract Writing for Research Papers and Conferences

Abstract is the first and one of the main components in a research paper or article. The Abstract of research paper should be written very carefully and some data analytics and reports should be included to give good impression. By this way, the Abstract gets more chances of acceptance. In most of the good conferences, first of all the Abstract is called and after that Full Paper.

It is generally seen that the authors start the Abstract with very general statements or the definitions. The abstract should not include the definitions or generic statements.

In Abstract, the real time data should be added so that the abstract can be accepted in first instance. From prominent research portals including, and many others the data analytics can be used.

Tips To Write Quick Literature Review

The literature review can be written quickly using some tips. Using these, the research paper is read very quickly and in parallel the text is written so that it can be placed in the Literature Review.

Following are the tips to write the literature review:
  • Focus on the terms in Abstract like "In this work", "In this paper", "Challenges". These terms give the clear idea about the theme of paper
  • The keywords are prepared from the Title and Abstract. The sentences from the keywords can be written very easily
    • For Example: If the keywords are "machine learning, classification, random forest approach".
    • A sentence can be created like "In this manuscript, the problem formulation is done with the focus on random forest based approach for classification that is the key domain of machine learning"
  • Write the headings of the paper separately and then the sentence formation is done
By these tips and tricks, the literature review can be prepared very easily and rapidly

Polyglot: Open Source Platform for Data Science and High Performance Computing by Netflix

Netflix released Polynote under Open Source Distribution for Data Scientists and Researchers. Polynote is the platform with powers of machine learning and artificial intelligence integrated data science.

Polyglot Notebook is having the high performance support of Scala.

It is a web based tool with support of Python Programming and Big Data Analytics based tools.